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Dirk and Louise

The Heart and Soul of Oude Compagnies Post

At Oude Compagnies Post, history runs deep, but now, a new chapter unfolds, driven by the unwavering dedication of Dirk and Louise, a soon-to-be husband and wife team with a shared passion. They’re not just co-custodians; they’re hands-on, pouring their hearts and souls into every corner of this vineyard. With love and commitment, they’re shaping a unique future for Oude Compagnies Post, breathing fresh life into its cherished legacy.

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The Farm & Family

Rooted in History

Oude Compagnies Post,
where history and great wine collide.

farms were allocated to French Huguenots

When farms were allocated the to the French Huguenots in the Tulbagh Valley in 1744, the Theron, Imbert Berange, and Du Plessis families found their new homes among the rolling hills. However, amid this landscape of change and settlement, one parcel of land stood distinct — Oude Compagnies Post. It was held as a ‘buite pos’ by the Government for over a century.

Farm Purchased

Then Governor of the Cape, Sir Peregrine Maitland, sells The Oude Compagnies ‘buite pos’ (outpost) to one of the Theron family descendants. 

Wine is Produced again

In 1995, Jerry Swanepoel and his wife Henriette, both professionals in the legal world – Jerry an advocate and Henriette an attorney – made a life-changing decision. They chose to leave the luxurious lifestyle of Bantry Bay, Cape Town and pursue a different dream: raising their three sons in the serene embrace of the countryside. 

Jerry Swanepoel, reflecting on that pivotal moment, recalls, ‘We had always dreamed of owning a wine farm and making wine. When we first saw the farm nestled high against the mountain and the spectacular view over the valley, we knew it was the right place to fulfil our dream. We never looked back.’

So, with an unwavering determination and a passion for winemaking, Jerry Swanepoel became a self-taught winemaker, learning everything he knew about winemaking by reading books and magazines. A journey that not only transformed their lives but also enriched the legacy of Oude Compagnies Post. His dedication bore fruit when, in 2004, he crafted a pinotage that garnered acclaim at the South African Young Wine Show.

Interesting Fact: When the farm was bought, they found evidence of wine making on the farm, namely pieces of wooden barrels and brass-work from barrel closures, in the old stone barn (now the wine cellar) that could be dated to 1848.

A New Generation

In 2018, a new chapter began to unfold as Dirk Swanepoel, son of Jerry and Henriette, a qualified winemaker and viticulturist himself, stepped into the role of overseeing our winemaking operations.

Dirk’s journey into the heart of our family farm wasn’t an easy one, as the farm fell into challenging times.

However, filled with optimism and a commitment to building upon the foundation laid by those who came before him, Dirk dedication has marked a significant turning point for our family farm.

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