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At Swanepoel Wines, we present you with a collection of truly handcrafted gems. Each bottle tells a story of our dedication, craftsmanship, and profound passion for winemaking.

Our flagship wine - 2023


A unique white wine made from red wine grapes by early removal of the skins. Aged in barrel for 6 months.

Elegant yet daring

White pear, apricots and peaches on the palate with a creamy mouthfeel and lengthy finish

Roast chicken with fresh rosemary and thyme. Grilled fish with citrus .

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Swanepoel Wines


Swanepoel SMG Rosé

A blend of Shiraz (87%) Mourvèdre (7%) Grenache (6%) elegant with notes of strawberries and cream.

Romantic & Festive

A fresh fruit-driven rosé with a creamy mouthfeel on the palate. Watermelon, candy, lime zest, strawberries and cream.

Charcuterie, goats milk cheese, basil pesto, sundried tomato (think the ultimate picnic basket)


Swanepoel red pinotage

A red fruit driven style of Pinotage – a proudly South African red wine grape varietal. Aged in barrel for 18 months.

Bright and Energetic

Bright strawberry, red fruits and fresh acidity with fine grained tannins, the perfect energetic style of red wine to enjoy anytime of the year

Duck, pork, lamb or beef with root vegetables au gratin


Swanepoel Grenache noir MCC

Our Maiden vintage. A fresh and crisp style of MCC – one of the very few made from Grenache Noir in South Africa.

(out of stock)

A lively MCC with aromas of green apple and biscuit. A unique sandstone minerality and a zesty finish on the palate.

Freshly shucked oysters, prawns and lobster (or on its own)


Swanepoel SMG

A blend of Shiraz (42%), Mourvédre (42%) and Grenache (16%) a full-bodied red wine with great length. Aged in barrel for 24 months.

(out of stock)

Warm and Welcoming

Wild black berries and violet, with a spicy undertone on the palate, with well integrated tannins

Venison, hearty beef stew, lamb tagine


Swanepoel Grenache Noir

This wine shows aromas of bright red fruits such as cranberries and cherries. Aged in barrel for 18 months.

Wild and Free

Aromas of bright red fruits such as cranberries and cherries, the fine grain tannins and acidity ensures a long lasting after taste

Creamy mushroom risotto, truffles and beetroot


Swanepoel Shiraz

Flavours of black berries and white pepper with a fynbos undertone. Aged in barrel for 24 months.

Spicy and Complex

A concentrated style of Shiraz with intense black berries and fynbos notes on the palate. The soft integrated tannins ensure good weight and structure.

Mild aromatic Cape Malay lamb curry



Concentrated aromas of citrus and rich honey notes, with a lingering sandstone minerality. Aged in barrel for 8 months.

Down to Earth, yet Complex

Citrus and rich honey notes, with a lingering sandstone minerality

Seafood and Chicken



This wine shows aromas of blue fruits and violets with a wild fynbos undertone. Aged in barrel for 24 months

A Love or Hate Relationship

Blue fruits and violets with a wild fynbos undertone

Venison, duck, ostrich: a wild wine for a wild meal

Swanepoel Vassileon

GPS cape ruby

Not as sweet as most fortified wines. Shows aromas of plums, prunes and fruit cake. Aged in barrel for 12 months.

Delightfully Sweet

Dark fruit aromas. Prunes and plum on the palate.

Dark chocolate, salted caramel, hazelnut, gorgonzola

additional labels produced on the farm

Compagnies Wijn


A very concentrated style of Cabernet Sauvignon with great ageability. Aged in barrel for 36 months.

Dark and Moody

A heavy red with concentrated black current notes and grippy tannins

Beef Wellington, steak with Madagascan pepper cream sauce

Buchu Trail

*Our Buchu Trail wines are produced solely for export, and are not available for online purchase. However, if you are interested in these wines, please email us at

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